Buyer made a mistake and now disputing it via PayPal after I shipped the dress f

I am fuming with the ongoing dispute. I listed my like new condition Watters Galatea dress and carefully chose "white version" photos of it directly from the designer's website, along with other well lit photos of the dress to ensure to displayed as white, and not grey. There are other color versions of the dress, and I do agree, some stock photos look confusing between the grey and white, but the other photos CLEARLY show the dress is not grey. It does have silvery details on the flowers, but everything else is very white.

The buyer bout the dress rather quickly, before clarifying any concerns on their end. They had asked if it was 'Silvery' and I noted that it had silvery details. To be clear, the actual color name of the other version of the dress is "Titanium" which was never mentioned in out conversation before of after I shipped the dress.

I did not agree to accept a return or issue a refund, however the buyer filed a PayPal dispute after realizing the dress was EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. This blows my mind. It seems like the PayPal resolution center didn't even read my response and gave favoritism to the buyer by default.

I told the buyer that it would save them time and effort to just list the dress on Stillwhite and get the exact amount back for the dress as it is highly popular and limited in quantity.

It absolutely sucks to have to deal with this as a seller, after taking a risk and sending it to Australia, paying for insurance, etc.

I have also been on the other end of this type of scenario, where the dress size was not as described. I had to resell the dress because it seemed like unreal amounts of drama to drag another seller through the dispute center. Besides, the seller did not agree to refund my purchase if it wasn't the dress for me.

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I've had a similar experience with a bride who has purchased my dress and is now claiming my measurements and sizing were inaccurate. They were not! I am so worried that PayPal is going to approve her request and terrified of what condition the dress will return in - as she's also said she's 2 or 3 times bigger than me and has been trying to try it on... If it's stretched and damaged how do I prove that to PayPal to get my money back? I don't feel like Sellers have as much protection as Buyers on StillWhite and with PayPal which is a real shame. Hate to think of going through this process again.

Hi Lucia, I’ve just had this happen to me! Did your dress come back in good condition? My purchaser was buying a second dress because she’d changed her mind about her 1st dress. Sent her pics, measurements, descriptions etc and now she’s saying the small marks are worse than I advertised. I had sent her a close up pic of these exact marks, so think she may have just changed her mind. I recommended she hem it or relist it if she really wasn’t happy and has now lodged a dispute. What was your result?

Hey Bernadette, PayPal sided with me in the dispute and denied her request to return it for a full refund. I spent ages putting together my evidence including getting the boutique I purchased my dress in to send their receipt for ordering the dress which showed the size on it, sent link to Pronovias website showing sizing, all the messages between the buyer and I showing I told her correct size, and also sent photos of myself with a measuring tape to show the measurements I sent were correct. If the dispute goes to PayPal be logical and rational (my Buyer definitely wasn't in her approach, she was lying, being emotionally manipulative and rude). Send them screenshots of the photos you sent and measurements. This is a different account as I closed my other one so she couldn't message me after she told me I had "ruined" her wedding. I was so relieved as I had read PayPal usually sides with the Buyer so be very thorough with the evidence you provide. Good luck!

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ATELIER, Arlington Heights
4 days ago
The seller of the dress was super helpful and using the website was really easy. We couldn't meet up to try the dress on, so the seller sent measurements, detailed pictures and took great care to answer all our questions. We are really pleased that we have the exact dress we wanted and getting through this website has made it affordable for us.
3 weeks ago
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