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Hello all,

I am a 160cm tall bride with a big bust (F cup, approx 110cm dia). Struggling to find a dress. Does anyone have any tips, ideas or suitable dresses for sale?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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Hi I have size F boobs too but I found having boning really helped.

Mine even though off the shoulder my boobs felt very supported and not falling out over! I would say come and try but you are quite far!

Hi there. I have A David Tutera

Wedding Dresses
Style: Seraphina Size 14

I am also large busted 32 double D and I wore a strapless gown don’t limit yourself! With the right alterations and the right person to do it my dress fit perfectly I’ve never worn a strapless dress or shirt comfortably in my life until that dress it fit like a glove and held me up like it was a bra. Even better than a bra

I am 158cm and have GG cup boobs. I'm also selling my wedding dress. It fit me perfectly and was super boob supporting.

I noticed our measurements were similar and just thought I'd mention it in case you want to take a look...?

I had the same issue. All of me is a size 8 street size (size 10 wedding dress) but my breasts are a size 16 wedding dress so when I went to a formal consignment shop the woman was very helpful and knowledgeable. she said your dress has to fit the biggest part of you first. So you get a dress that's sized to fit your bust. That's gonna have to be plus sized and size it down everywhere else with alterations. otherwise if it almost fits I guess you can have a gusset added but I personally think it's too noticeable and ugly but it's an option for sure.

Thanks ladies! I have been able to find a dress that I love and is very flattering of my bust :)

Hi! I designed wedding dresses for many years, was manager, designer, buyer and did fittings and alterations for a bridal salon.

Fuller busted brides often need to select a dress based on your bust measurement, then alter the rest to fit. This is where looking for a gown on a website like this can be to your advantage. You may be able to find a dress you love from a seller who has figure similar to yours.

So, pay close attention to personal pictures the seller has posted to see how their dress fits.

Two piece dresses can give you the option to find a bodice that fits your bust with a smaller skirt.

Dresses with built in corseting can give you support, along with wearing a long line bra/corset. Brand Goddess has bras that will fit G, H and I cups. Many bridal salons and specialty lingerie shops carry Goddess and other brands for those of us that are “gifted”. Bras can be tailored to fit as well.

If a dress does not have a corset built in, a long line can be sewn in. We used to secure the dress to the bra with small tabs of Velcro. This insured that the bodice would lay securely against the body and would not shift with movement.

An belt that is attached at the waist in the lining will support the weight of the skirt at your waist. Ribbon belt loops can be attached at the bodice seams at the waist for a belt of wide elastic.

I hope this helps...

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