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Hi there,

It would be cool to add an option for train length!

Also, it would be night to have a quick link to "Saved Searches" I feel like I always have to dig around.

Finally, a DO NOT show again or SEEN would be AWESOME!


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Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your feedback. You can access your saved searches in three ways.

1) You can click onto your Stillwhite account under your picture and click the saved searches tab
2) Type in the search bar and your saved searches will appear in the drop-down box for you to click onto
3) Go to the Shop button and click more filters and select saved searches there.

Thankyou for your other suggestions, I will pass them onto our team for consideration.

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Thank you, I found my dream dress and paid half the price for it!!
Soph, Melbourne
4 weeks ago
My experience was very positive and seamless. The privacy and conversations between me and the seller were good. Payment option was easy. Dress has not arrived yet but it was the weekend/holiday. I would recommend this service to anyone who's serious about buying a used dress. Ask a lot of questions.
Melissa, Denver
4 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to