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There is a lot of info about buyers protection. But as a seller I am just as concerned that I dont get scammed or fraudulent behavior. What does still white do to protect my sale? I have heard of people hacking into paypal and there being issues with payments. I want to make sure my sale isnt scammed.

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Hi Allison

Sellers are protected through PayPal's Seller Protection prgram. The following is directly from the PayPal website:


If your buyer files a reversal, claim or chargeback against you due to unauthorised transactions or for items not received, PayPal will reimburse the full amount of your eligible transaction and waive the chargeback fee if applicable.

PayPal Seller Protection is provided to our sellers with no additional signup or cost. Your eligible transactions are safeguarded with Seller Protection when your buyer raises claims, chargebacks or reversals for the following problems:

- Unauthorised transaction: Buyer claims that they didn’t authorise the purchase, they didn’t make the purchase, or they were victims of identity or credit card theft.
- Item not received: Buyer claims to have never received the goods they purchased.



How can a seller protect themselves from a buyer returning a gown as it seems they have 180 days to potentially wear the gown and return it claiming it wasn't as described. I want to protect myself from this issue. Please respond. Thank you.

Hi Cheryl

PayPal has become the global standard for online sales between 2 private parties. When a buyer opens a PayPal dispute, you both have an opportunity to state your case. PayPal will take into account the actual issue with the item, your chat history, any photos you send them and the elapsed time since purchase.

It's always a good idea to take photos of the dress as you pack it for shipping, and photos of the dress in the shipping packaging before sending.

Once you submit your evidence, ultimately the PayPal dispute resolution team will decide how to resolve the case. If the case is resolved in the buyers favour, they will need to send the dress back to the seller at their own expense. At this point the seller has an opportunity to inspect the dress to make sure it's in the same condition it was sent in.

At the time of writing, over US$800,000 worth of wedding dress have been sucessfully sold on Stillwhite in the past 30 days with 74% of them being shipped and paid for via PayPal.

If you prefer to avoid online payments altogether, you also have the option to hold out and wait for a buyer who lives in your local area.

Thank you. My only concern is someone potentially removing it from the package and then wearing it and sending it back. I had it heirloomed and I do not want to have to do that again. I hope for the best as I am also sending my own invoice to protect myself and disclose All Sales Final.

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Great service! Haven’t received dress yet, but the process was simple.
3 days ago
I love the service it provides! My seller was very responsive to my messages and now I have one less thing to worry about for my wedding. The site helps you screen through the dresses in an orderly fashion and if you get lucky, the exact new new dress you were stalking on Pinterest pops up at 40% off! I’d like to also plug the Bridechilla podcast for talking about Still White. I would’ve spent either a lot more or gotten something I didn’t really want.
Christine, Austin
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to