Buyers' dashboard organization.

It would be a good idea to offer some sort of option to arrange all the dresses we are saving on the dashboard. Some sort of folder or classification. For example, I would like to classify them by country location, or which ones I like the most and which ones are better as 'second best', or dresses that may fit perfect and dresses that may need alterations.
That function would make it easier for the buyer to visualize all the options and make decisions.

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Right now, in my watchlist everything is mixed and it is hard to remember which ad said what. :(

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Using Stillwhite to sell my wedding dress was wonderful! It is hard to sell your wedding dress, especially when it continues to hold happy memories. However, I always knew I wanted my dress to be used by someone else instead of sitting in a box or closet for the rest of my life. I found someone who will appreciate it's beauty as much as I do, and hopefully bring her as much joy as I had during my wedding day. Thank you Stillwhite for providing the platform to allow us to meet.
Meghan, Truckee
4 weeks ago
It was very easy to use and to navigate. Would definitely recommend
Sarah, Melbourne
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to