Unable to log into PayPal through Stillwhite’s

Hi :) I am trying to purchase a dress and I get an error when trying to log into PayPal. I can log into PayPal directly, but through here it’s not working, I put in my username and password then I get ‘sorry we are unable to process this request currently - has anyone had this issue?

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Hi Ana

This error message may occur when PayPal temporarily flags a transaction as it is unusually large, or one of the PayPal accounts are relatively new. Please try waiting several hours (up to 12) before trying again.

It's possible to contact PayPal directly to allow the payment through instantly.

If you continue to have issues, please ask the seller to send you a payment request directly from within their PayPal account. The same level of buyer protection still applies.

Thanks Bruno, great help :)

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Once I receive the dress I will have better feedback, but I think this site works awesome as long as both parties are willing to talk to one another. Personally I purchased a dress from someone WAY too far away to try on so I have no comments on that, but the buying online portion is good. I think one thing that would be helpful if placing a “calculate duties” section on the site. I ended up looking it up after worrying over and over about the fees I would receive but the trade agreement between Australia and USA seems to say that purchasing clothing (even a wedding dress) will result in $0 duties. That would be a great peace of mind to a lot of buyers!
Chelsea, Santa Barbara
2 weeks ago
Such a great site was so easy to use and to sell my dress 100% would reccomend!
Loren, Gold Coast
3 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com.au