Buy Now Button Error

Hi Still White, I have a buyer ready to purchase. I have added the buy now button to our conversation, but she say's she keeps getting an error message when she tries to use it. Can I make sure our account is set up and ready to go with the buy now button please? Many thanks, Lovely Bridal Store

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This error message may occur when PayPal temporarily flags a transaction as it is unusually large, or one of the PayPal accounts are relatively new. Please ask the buyer to try waiting several hours (up to 12) before trying again.

It may also be possible to contact PayPal directly to allow the payment through faster.

If your buyer continues to have issues, please send them a payment request directly from within their PayPal account (you will need to ask them for their email address). The same level of buyer protection still applies.

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Great website, easy to use and find the perfect dress, and reassuringly safe to send money through PayPal!
Emma, Norwich
1 week ago
The product set up and entire process (interactions with potential buyers and money transactions) was easy and straight forward.
Rachalle, Sydney
2 weeks ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to