Wedding planning - help!

Would love to hear from brides getting married soon, what has everyone done so far? I have set the date, booked the venue but not much else! Would love to choose my dress next. Then what??

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So far I have booked the venue, photographer, hair & makeup, celebrant, and on the weekend just gone I picked up my dress :)
Our wedding isn't until August, but I am a super organised person!

I would say definitely book your videographer and photographer next! I recently bought a bridal diary and it's the best help! Good luck on your journey ahead :)

What about the photographer? I see you live in the UK you may read this article and find a good wedding photographer in your city beforehand

When I was planning my wedding I had such checklist:
Start a wedding folder or binder.
Work out your budget.
Pick your wedding party.
Start the guest list.
Hire a planner, if desired.
Reserve your date and venues. By the way, it's a surprise that you booked a venue before making a guest list. I had a ceremony in Auckland in Alexandra Park. The territory is very spacious so it will be good for any kind of wedding.
Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers.
Throw an engagement party, if you wish.

Full list! ood job! As for photographer, if you are looking for a photographer for destination wedding I wanna advise you to visite this site

As said above, if you booked a venue, hair, and makeup, then you need to decide on the photos and videos. Talented and creative photographer from this agency I advise.

Did you organize the food? For me, the food is the most important thing on wedding checklist. I found very good catering service ( which has so many healthy options like ice raw bar... you can try with them. I always recommend it.

The knot app has a timeline of what to do and when while wedding planning. I've found it super helpful especially because we're planning a wedding in 6 months.

Hi, Eliza! Hope you managed to plan your wedding successfully! I don’t think you still need my answer, but since there may be some readers who need recommendations, I’ll leave my suggestions here. After picking your wedding dress, I suggest that you should start thinking about the food for the ceremony, as this can take a lot of time to prepare. How many guests do you have? What kind of dishes do you want? When we were planning our wedding, that’s what my husband and I argued about the most because we liked different types of food. Fortunately, our catering and wedding planner was able to incorporate both of our preferences to the food they served to us.

Eliza, I have the perfect dress for you (depending on your size of course) but you definitely NEED to have a dress and enough time for you to get it altered perfectly to your body! That's definitely a must do next! 😁

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