Search by Height?

Would love to see a filter to search by height! As someone who is fairly tall- it's frustrating to have to weed out dresses by starting a discussion with the seller. Having it as a filter would save so much time! :)

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Hey Kelsie,

Thankyou for your feedback. I will pass this onto our team for further advisement.

Hi Kelsie, would you prefer to search by the brides height, or the brides height with shoes?


Hello! Brides height while wearing the dress with shoes would be fantastic :)

Hi Kelsie, how tall are you? Im quite tall so you may be interested in my dress :)

I second this! I keep clicking on beautiful dresses that fit my filters only to find out the bride was 5’2” and I’m 5’11”. At first it was just a little disappointing, now it’s frustrating.

Right?! I feel your pain! It would be so nice to only see items available in our taller height without the pain of getting your hopes up only to find out its too short :(

Anyone looking for a dress measuring 59 inches (including the heel height):

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Good Service verry good communication. Very patient Iam very happy. Good seller.
Nadia, Montréal
1 week ago
Really wonderful! So easy and all the women I spoke to were lovely and more than helpful.
1 week ago
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