Wanted - Karen Willis Holmes Diamond Train


I’m looking to buy the Karen Willis Holmes Diamond Train. I’m a size 10 but could probably work with 8-12.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone looking to sell theirs :)


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Hi Nicola! I have a diamond train, are you still looking for one?

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Stillwhite is such an easy site to use to sell your dress. I've had it on the site for a while now, not really thinking anyone would purchase my dress. I would continue to get emails once a month informing me of the visitors to my page, but needed no maintenance or up keep for the listing. When someone was interested in purchasing my dress, communication was easy and the transaction of selling it was easy and convenient. Even if it doesn't sell right away, just know the listing is still up and others are still viewing the pages! The right person will come along and find the right dress. I'm so happy my dress could go to someone to make their wedding day as special as mine was with the perfect dress.
MacKenzie, Key Largo
3 days ago
StillWhite is the perfect platform to buy/ sell your dresses! The website is efficient and very easy to use. I would highly recommend StillWhite to anyone!
Chloe, Stamford
2 days ago
Good news, Stillwhite is available in your country. Switch to www.stillwhite.com.au