Should I accept deposits or installments?

We don't recommend accepting deposits, installments or other partial payments.

These payment terms could result in you having to return the money and having lost weeks of potential advertising time.

There's an increased risk:

  • the buyer changes their mind mid-way through the agreement
  • there may be significant delays in additional payments

We suggest you request payment for the total price and ask the seller to come back and complete payment when they are ready. If the dress sells in the meantime, your offer will automatically expire.

If you do decide to go ahead, please make sure to have an agreement in writing, including a payment schedule, whether payments are refundable, and what happens if the maximum repayment time frame is exceeded.

Our system isn't designed for multi-payment, so it's best you ask the seller for their email address and use the Request Payment feature directly from your PayPal account.

Once a deposit or installment has been received, the dress must be removed from sale. You may also pause your listing temporarily if required.

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