Tips to sell your dress fast

You can see that buyers are viewing your wedding dress but you’re just not making that sale. Follow our tips to increase interest and attention to your dress.

1. Improve your listing

Stillwhite attracts thousands of brides month that are looking for their dream wedding dress and are ready to spend. We want you to make sure your listing is in the best health to give your dress the attention it deserves.


Professional photos from your wedding day are a great way to show off the beauty of your dress. Buying a wedding dress is an emotional sale, and seeing a picture of you looking stunning is sure to catch a buyer's attention. At a minimum we recommend including:

  1. A full length shot to show off the silhouette
  2. Close-ups focusing on detailing and fabric
  3. Any unique features and embellishments

Including clear, high-resolution photos is very important. You must be the copyright holder of the image and you can include a credit to the photographer. We recommend images at least 1600px wide.

Correct designer

Check that you have spelled the designer name correctly. Be sure to include your dress in the right categories so it appears in all relevant search results.

Listing description

Let buyers know why you fell in love with your dress. Some things to mention: :

  1. Why you fell in love with your dress
  2. How did the dress make you feel wearing it?
  3. Any alterations/embellishments you made
  4. What's your favorite thing about the dress
  5. Describe the fit, fabric, and details. Think about how the dress feels and how it moves.

Always write in the first person so buyers are reminded they are reading the words of the owner.

Verified email address

Verifying your email not only ensures you receive new message notifications but tells buyers you are active and ready to respond to their inquiries.

If you haven’t verified your email address already, you can do so within your profile.

Profile image

Giving yourself a profile pic gives you an identity to a potential buyer. Buyers see this in the ‘Meet the Seller’ section of your listing and when chatting to you through the messaging system.

Response rate and time

Always respond to every message you receive from a buyer in a friendly and timely manner. A high response rate and quick response time show that you are an active seller and will result in more inquiries.

Dry clean

Brides want to feel the dress they are buying is good-as-new. Dry cleaning your dress will help preserve it and make it look as stunning as it did the first time around. We strongly suggest dry cleaning your dress before listing it on Stillwhite. Think of it as an investment to help you sell your wedding dress faster.

2. Attract more buyers for free

Get attention and create a buzz about your dress. Here are a few ideas to promote your wedding dress all for free!


If you have an Instagram account, share the best photo of your dress and a link to your listing. Tag your suppliers, photographer, make-up artist, florist, hairdresser, bridesmaids, husband and don’t forget to tag @stillwhite and use the hashtags #stillwhitebride and #stillwhite.


You probably spent hours collating your Pinterest boards. Nearly every bride we know uses Pinterest to plan their wedding. You can pin your dress really easily using the Pinterest button on your listing page.

Facebook groups

Did you join a Facebook group as part of your wedding planning? Get back on there and let everyone know you are selling your dress. Remember to post a link directly to your Stillwhite listing.

Personal Facebook page

Tell your friends! Copy and paste your listing URL to your Facebook page.

Wedding forums

Remember those countless forums you read to help plan your wedding? With hundreds of new brides reading the boards, they are great places to post a link to your Stillwhite listing.

3. The price

Let’s talk money. Keep in mind you are selling a preloved dress and price your dress accordingly. There are a lot of options out there, so make sure your item is priced to sell.

Do your research

Research the resale value by visiting the Sold page and filtering by your designer. This will give you an indication of what the dress sold for and the time taken to sell.

Do a quick search and see if there are any similar listings at a lower price, and adjust accordingly to stay competitive.

Reduce the price

If you lower your asking price by at least the amount shown on the dress edit page, we will:

  • Mark it as Reduced
  • Notify all watchers about the price drop
  • Display it on the homepage under the Reduced tab

You can edit the price of the listing from your dashboard.


With wedding fashion constantly changing and evolving, wedding dresses by particular designers and styles can be highly sought after and sell very quickly. Other dresses may take time to sell. We recommend listing your dress within 2 years of your wedding to achieve maximum resale value.

We hope you found some inspiration and practical ideas to help get your dress sold.

Bonus tip

With fresh new buyers joining Stillwhite all the time, a boost is a great way to attract fresh buyers and get your listing back on top of search results.

Find out how to boost your listing

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