What if my package is lost during shipping?

In the unlikely event your package goes missing, sellers are responsible for contacting the shipping carrier.

1. Check tracking

If the dress has not been received by the expected delivery date, the first step is to use the tracking details to look up where the package is. Look for known delays posted on the carrier's website. Sellers should always share tracking details with their buyers.

2. Report an issue

If it's believed the package is lost, the seller is required to contact the carrier and report the issue quoting the tracking number. Carriers will typically begin an investigation.

3. Make a claim

If the carrier declares the package lost, the seller should open an insurance claim (which should have been purchased as part of the shipping). This may take several weeks to process.

4. Refund the buyer

The buyer should be refunded in full as soon as the claim is approved, as they did not receive the item purchased.

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