6 Engagement Ring Alternatives for the Modern Couple

Marilyn Monroe will tell you that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what if that’s not you? When it comes to tying the knot, an engagement ring can be a big investment but if your relationship is unique to the two of you, consider picking a proposal gift that’s your own style.

From everlasting tattoos to an adorable furry friend, your love has no bounds when it comes to saying “yes.” Check out these super fun and ultra-romantic proposal alternatives that are *ideal* for the modern duo.

01. Put a Down Payment on a House

You already know you’re taking the big plunge, so why not invest in your future life together? To begin building your life as spouses, consider putting down a down payment on your home. In case you didn’t know, houses are EXPENSIVE. A very practical gift, this will show your fiancé that you are seriously committed to what the future holds. While this may not be the right fit for traveler types, it is a truly romantic investment. (Photo via Style Me Pretty / Connie Whitlock Photography)

02. Plan a Romantic Getaway

Maybe you two are the more nomadic/traveler type. Nothing is more romantic than taking a trip together, just the two of you! Vacations are expensive, so why not use the money that you would spend on a ring to go somewhere you both love. It could be somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or a trip back to place special to you as a couple. This is something that you will always remember and can even repeat for anniversaries to come (cute scrapbooking opportunity, anyone?). (Photo via Style Me Pretty / Love Is My Favorite Color)

03. Become Pet Parents

Owning a pet together is a true commitment. Getting a pet is seriously fun but comes with a lot of serious responsibility and costs. There’s adoption or breeding fees, vaccinations, vet bills. It’s a lot to consider. But not only will this pet provide both of you love and affection, it’ll give you a test run for other family additions down the line ;) Plus, who doesn’t want to snuggle up with their S.O. and their favorite pet at the end of a long day? (Photo via Style Me Pretty / Rensche Mari)

04. Pass Down a Family Heirloom

Have a family item that’s important but not a ring? The significance is still there and can mean just as much. Maybe it’s something that you can display in your home together, sharing it and using it as a symbol of your future and your love together. Perhaps your grandmother had a special broach that has been passed down through your family. Why not frame it and place it on the mantle in the hearth of your home for you to see every day and be reminded of your commitment together. Someday you can point to this gift and tell your children the romantic story behind it! (Photo via Style Me Pretty / Diana McGregor)

05. Get Inked

Want to show a permanent commitment? Get tatted with your sweetheart! Celebrities do it and you two are just as much a power couple as Jay-Z and Beyoncé. You could even get rings tattooed on your ring fingers to show your everlasting bond, or maybe you want tattoos elsewhere. They don’t have to match, but you two could choose a design that is meaningful to you as or couple, or even design one yourselves! (Photo via @ra_kill)

06. Necklace or Other Jewelry

Maybe they use their hands in their work as a health provider, in food service, or as an artist. Maybe the fiancé wants to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw and wear the symbol of your love close to their heart. While, it doesn’t have to be an actual ring on a necklace chain, a necklace can be equally as beautiful as a ring and can provide more options to customize as well as be gender neutral. You could even consider earrings a bracelet or other jewelry. (Photo via Style Me Pretty / Ashley Bosnick Photography)

What engagement trend are you most into? Let us know in the comments below!


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