10 Tips For Hosting a Dress Fitting

Chances are that you’ve never sold a wedding dress before, but that shouldn’t stop you from acting like an experienced seller. 

To give your potential buyer a dress fitting she’ll remember, you’ll need to provide customer service that’s both professional and personal. For a smooth and special transaction (after all, you are passing down your prized wedding dress!), we’re sharing tips on how to do a perfect in-person dress fitting. From creating the right ambiance to proper dress fitting etiquette, here are the must-know tips to close the sale and officially turn your once-loved wedding dress into a “something borrowed” she’ll cherish forever.

01. Clear the room and organize your space

Large mirror

You’ve got the beautiful dress, but the design of your home is important too. For the fitting, set up an open and tidy space so the bride-to-be has plenty of room to walk around in the dress. Your potential buyer may also want to change in the bedroom or go to your bathroom to wipe off her makeup, so make sure each room is spotless and ready to impress.

02. Have a full-length mirror

Bride looking in mirror
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Place a full-length mirror in an optimal spot so the bride-to-be can see the whole look. If you don’t have one, there are plenty of affordable options available on IKEA. Additionally, if your dress has back detailing, an extra handheld mirror is useful. Simply have her hold it in front of the full-length mirror so she can see all of its beautiful details.

03. Allow as much even and natural lighting into the room

A room with plenty of natural light allows the wedding dress and all its intricate details to truly shine. That means picking the most well-lit room or pulling back the drapes to let the natural light in. If the space doesn’t have enough even or natural lighting, place a couple of warmly-lit task lamps or candles to create layers of flattering light.

04. Put your wedding album out on the table

You once rocked the wedding dress too, so why not show the bride-to-be how it’s done? Show your potential buyer examples of how you styled the dress by putting your wedding album out on the table or having an iPad with wedding photos ready. Plus, brides *love* real wedding examples — it’s a helpful way to picture the big day, get inspired and see just how special it would be to inherit the dress.

05. Provide clear and helpful directions and parking instructions

You don’t want your buyer to be late or stressed out upon arrival. Start your fitting off right by prepping her with clear and helpful directions to your home. If parking on your street is complicated, be sure to provide her with parking instructions too.

06. Expect your appointment to last at least an hour

To give your potential buyer enough time to try on the dress and examine all its fine details, make sure you schedule in at least an hour for the dress fitting. The last thing you want to do is rush the bride-to-be during her important decision-making.

07. Have makeup remover wipes handy

Makeup remover
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Brides usually book a dress fitting appointment during their lunch hour or immediately after work, so they arrive at the fitting with full makeup on. Have some makeup remover wipes ready just in case!

08. Don’t forget that it’s okay to ask the buyer to remove her makeup or jewelry

Chunky Necklace
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 Remember, you’re the seller and the wedding dress is still yours to take care of. Avoid getting stains or snags that could permanently damage the dress. If you’re uncomfortable with the buyer wearing makeup or jewelry during the fitting, don’t be afraid to ask her to remove them. She’ll want a fresh dress for her big day, so it’s helpful for her too.

09. Set a price in your mind before your appointment

Bonita Couture Wedding Dress
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If you’re willing to lower the price or sell the dress on a best offer basis, be sure to decide on a minimum price. That way, if the buyer asks if you’re willing to negotiate the price at your fitting, you’re fully prepared with a price point in mind.

10. Celebrate with a bottle of champagne!

Celebrate with orange juice
Brit + Co

Provide the potential buyer some refreshments like sparkling water or mints. And while not necessary, a bottle of bubbly is nice to have! This is a big moment for you and your buyer, so break out a bottle of champagne to celebrate the oh-so-special transaction.

If you’re a bride in need of dress fitting tips, be sure to check out 8 Tips for Trying On Your Wedding Dress. Or if you had a perfect dress fitting, share your story with us on Facebook!


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