Is the Future of Wedding Dress Shopping Completely Online?

More purchases are made online then every before. But does that mean that wedding dress shopping is destined to become completely digital as well?

Like many people, you may not even realize how much you buy online now, that you used to trek all the way to a store to acquire. So much of our lives have become digital and that has completely transformed the way we buy. But what about when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress?

In the past, finding your perfect wedding dress was centered around making appointments at wedding salons with your girls and trying on dresses as you sip champagne. And although that sounds appealing, it has its limitations. Modern brides are realizing that the digital landscape has some major advantages. From simply allowing you to save some time, or giving you access to more wedding dress sizes and styles - the future of digital wedding dress shopping holds so much potential.

5 Advantages of Shopping Online For Your Wedding Dress

So today we are going to look at 5 of the top advantages for shopping online for your wedding dress. Like we said above, so much of our lives are becoming digital, and that has changed the way we shop. And because of this, shopping online for your dream wedding dress really is becoming easier and more practical than ever before. So let's dig into some of those major advantages:

01. You Get More Access

Like we mentioned briefly above, the world of online wedding dress shopping gives you access to more options than ever before. You are no longer limited to what a bridal salon has in store, or can order in for you. Shopping online allows you limitless access to more bridal styles than ever before. But it doesn't just stop there. You also have more access to extended sizing. Which means more dresses, in more sizes, than you could ever have access to in person.

02. You Can Take Your Time, No Pressure

Shopping online for your wedding dress allows you to take your time. You aren't getting pressured by a sales associate to make a decision. And even if you are on a time crunch, you can limit your online search to stores and marketplaces that have more rushed shipping options. But the digital bridal landscape allows you to search slowly. Narrowing down your options, and only making your decision to buy once you have had time to think and are 100% certain about your decision. That means complete confidence, and no wedding dress regret!

03. You Can Shop Around

Along with having access to more options, and being able to take your time with deciding on your dream dress - you now have the ability to shop around online. Meaning that even once you find the perfect dress, you can still shop around to find the best price, best shipping option or supplier that you prefer.

04. You Can Shop More Sustainably

Online wedding dress shopping has opened up the potential to shop more sustainably in ways that we never had available to us before. Whether you want to vet designers, to make sure that they use eco-friendly and sustainable practices - or you are looking to limit your carbon footprint by buying a pre-loved dress - the online bridal market place makes this easier than ever before. Digital bridal shopping allows you to get to know companies. Or shop online pre-loved marketplaces like Still White, to find your dream dress at a fraction of the cost, and limit waste by keeping wedding dresses out of landfills for longer!

05. Virtual Appointments Are Everywhere

If you are craving the intimate, 1-on-1 experience that you get in a more traditional bridal appointment setting, you can now get that same experience brought to your very own home via virtual appointments. More online marketplaces and designers are offering virtual appointments than every before. This allows you the time and space to talk through your options with an expert. You are able to see fabrics up close, and ask about specific fitting issues. But you don't have to spend days going to salon after salon just hoping that you might stumble upon the perfect dress. And even after a virtual appointment, you still have the option to shop around or take some time to think about your decision.

The future of wedding dress shopping is changing...

The future of shopping for a wedding dress is definitely changing. But those changes come with some major advantages. The digital shopping landscape gives more brides access to styles and sizes that they before may not have had. Brides can shop slowly, and with confidence. Without the pressure of sales associates. Online shopping allows brides to shop around for the best prices, which means staying within budget with ease. And even if you want that intimate experience, you can still access virtual appointments all over the internet.

But our favorite advantage has to be the turn towards sustainability. You no long have to spend months wading through unorganized vintage stores to find a pre-loved dress. Now you can find thousands of dresses in an instant. Allowing you to make a more sustainable decision when it comes to your bridal style. But more so than that, the internet holds designers and companies accountable for their practices. This sheds more light on the wastefulness of the bridal industry, and it gives us hope for a better tomorrow. And we have to admit, we can't wait to see what other amazing outcomes come from this new digital era of wedding dress shopping.


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