Seller Agreement

Our policies are designed to help create a fair and safe trading experience for all Stillwhite users. As a seller, you're responsible for regularly reviewing and complying with Stillwhite's selling policies, and for meeting your obligations as set out in this agreement.

We recommend that you learn about Stillwhite’s selling policies before you list an item. This helps you avoid accidentally breaking any rules. If you fail to follow the rules, to protect the integrity of our marketplace, we may take certain actions such as removing your listings and limiting your buying and selling privileges. And remember, that above our rules, you must comply with your local consumer laws.

Item accuracy

The listing page is where buyers get most of their information about a dress. Information in the listing helps buyers decide what to buy and what to expect when they receive the item. It's important to make sure that the listing is only used to describe the actual item for sale in a professional way.


  • Specify the condition of the actual dress for sale
  • Provide complete and accurate details and dress history
  • Describe any defects or flaws in the dress – this helps avoid problems or buyer dissatisfaction

Not allowed

  • Misrepresenting the designer, including conflicting product information in a listing, such as designer “Vera Wang” but writing “Vera Wang inspired” in the description
  • Listings that contain more than one dress for sale or made-to-order dresses
  • Changing the listing to another dress
  • Offering a dress for rent
  • Misrepresenting the physical location of the dress or seller
  • Including contact details such as website links, phone numbers, or email addresses
  • Listings that contain inappropriate or offensive opinions or comments or other content that does not relate to the sale of the dress

For more information, refer to What items can I sell on Stillwhite?


Photos are one of the most important parts of a listing. Pictures let buyers see details that you can't put in words, and allow them to form accurate expectations around their purchases. Including clear and detailed photos of your items will help you to keep buyers happy by letting them see exactly what they will be getting. We require at least one photo in your listing but suggest that you include many clear pictures of your dress.


  • Include photos of the actual dress for sale
  • Include large, clear photos – we recommend using photos of at least 1600 pixels on the longest side
  • Include pictures of any flaws so that buyers can see what they are getting

Not allowed

  • Using copyright photos without permission
  • Adding additional text, borders, artwork, or marketing to photos
  • Including photos that don't accurately represent the item for sale
  • Listing an item without at least one photo
  • Using a picture that is less than 500 pixels on the longest side
  • Watermarks on photos
  • Collages of photos

For more information, refer to What photos should I select for my ad?


It’s important to set an asking price that is fair and competitive.


  • Provide an accurate retail price of the dress (when known), minus taxes and alterations

Not allowed

  • Advertising a dress for a lower asking price elsewhere
  • Providing an inflated retail price to increase the discount offered
  • Providing a retail price of a genuine label for a replica dress
  • Increasing the asking price unless to fix a listing error
  • Increasing and decreasing the asking price to trigger “Reduced” benefits

For more information, refer to our wedding dress valuator


Do whatever you can to provide excellent service to buyers. Meeting or exceeding their expectations can help you sell faster. If you don’t maintain a minimum response rate and response time, your listing may be paused until it is reached.


  • Respond promptly to any questions while selling, as well as after the dress has been purchased
  • Treat every potential buyer professionally at all times
  • Be responsive to any buyer concerns or problems
  • Maintain an average response rate above 80%
  • Maintain an average response time of fewer than 72 hours

Not allowed

  • Using profanity or offensive language with anyone on Stillwhite
  • You're not allowed to communicate off Stillwhite (unless meeting in person)
  • You’re not allowed to promote a business or service
  • You’re not allowed to ask buyers for measurements for made-to-order dresses
  • You're not allowed to use profane or offensive language with anyone on Stillwhite
  • You're not allowed to send anyone on Stillwhite inappropriate images including nudity, or other general content not related to a Stillwhite listing


We want all Stillwhite members to be able to buy and sell on Stillwhite with confidence. We want our sellers to bring great service and value to our marketplace, and we strive to protect sellers from unfair and unsafe buyer activity.


  • Understand the fees associated with PayPal or other payment methods
  • Calculate postage to the buyers' address when requested
  • Use the request payment feature, when a buyer wants to pay using PayPal
  • Remove the dress from sale immediately after it has been sold
  • Only to accept cash when meeting in person. This avoids PayPal fees, delays, and disputes. Deals made in person are final

Not allowed

  • Accepting unsafe payments including Certified Checks (cheques), Money Orders, Direct Deposits (bank transfers), Western Union, TransferWise, Venmo, etc
  • Asking the buyer to send additional funds to cover postage or transaction fees
  • Charging the buyer more than the actual postage cost
  • Asking the buyer for a deposit or multiple installments

For more information, refer to How do I request payment?

Postage and handling time

Buyers expect their items to be delivered on time, especially when they pay additional fees for express postage services. Using a slower postage service than the one paid for by the buyer may result in the dress being delivered later than expected, and a claim for the dress not being received.


  • Send the dress immediately after purchase is marked complete, within 4 business days
  • Send the dress only to the address listed in PayPal
  • Use tracking, delivery, or signature confirmation. Using delivery confirmation can help protect you if a buyer claims an item wasn't received
  • Always take out insurance on the package for the value of the sale. Insurance can help protect your sale if the package is lost in transit

Not allowed

  • You are not allowed to send a dress without receiving full payment for the dress and shipping first
  • If payment has cleared, but PayPal doesn't make your funds available immediately, you're not allowed to hold shipment until the funds are released
  • You are not allowed to hold shipment while you wait to confirm your bank account with PayPal or while you wait for a PayPal withdrawal to appear in your bank account
  • Note: Holding shipment may lead to the buyer claiming a refund

For more information, refer to How much is shipping?.


Providing tracking details for a dress you've sold is an industry standard and something that your buyer expects. Tracking data lets buyers know where their package is throughout the delivery process and can be critical in cases where the buyer claims they didn't receive the dress.


  • Add accurate tracking details to your conversation
  • Upload tracking details within the allocated handling time

Not allowed

  • Uploading only a photo of the tracking number, it must be entered
  • Uploading information other than valid tracking details in the tracking field, or including tracking details not associated with the transaction

Disputes and returns

Due to the single-use nature of items sold on Stillwhite, you aren’t required to accept returns. However, a buyer could still open a request to return a dress if it doesn't match the listing description, or doesn’t arrive at all.


  • Understand payments and disputes are offered by PayPal, not Stillwhite. Stillwhite can not be held liable for dispute outcomes
  • Respond promptly to any questions or concerns after a dress has been sent or delivered
  • Participate in a resolution program if the dispute is escalated to a claim
  • Accept PayPal's resolution as final

Not allowed

  • Requesting to close your account within 14 days after a sale or while resolving a dispute
  • Holding Stillwhite responsible for dispute outcomes
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